3 Symptoms That Mean You Have Mitral Valve Regurgitation

3 Symptoms That Mean You Have Mitral Valve Regurgitation: Mitral valve regurgitation refers to a serious condition where the mitral valve on the left side of your heart remains open, causing blood to flow to the wrong side. This condition can reduce your blood circulation levels and prevent blood from flowing throughout the body. If this condition persists, the person may complain of shortness of breath. According to health professionals, if the valve is not fixed.

This can cause significant leakage in heart functions which is extremely fatal. There are 3 main symptoms that could mean you have mitral valve prolapse, viz

An unusual murmur

According to most health researchers, people who have this type of heart problem may experience abnormal sounds. It seems that the sound is coming directly from the heart but in most cases patients cannot recognize such a sound. These sounds are easily seen with a stethoscope. The persistence of this type of sound can be a serious sign of heart problems such as the mitral valve.


Constant feeling of throbbing

One of the prominent, and self-reported, symptoms may be a persistent feeling of palpitations. Also, a slight palpitation can sometimes suddenly turn into a sensation of pain. People with mitral valve disease often feel tired while sleeping or resting. Also, medical health professionals have said that, sometimes, such skipping heartbeats can lead to more serious and painful symptoms like a sudden feeling of heaviness in the heart.

Respiratory distress

People with such severe heart disease may experience shortness of breath. If not treated on time, this condition can become permanent. Also, the oxygen saturation level of such patients may drop suddenly without any prior warning which is the most life threatening symptom of this heart condition. We all know that blood carries oxygen and when your heart doesn’t have the proper blood flow, shortness of breath can start. Also people with mitral valve regurgitation have reported experiencing shortness of breath. So if you are conflicted about your heart condition, these types of breathing problems should be considered. Also, if you have a really serious heart problem like this, this breathing problem can become persistent.

The above symptoms are the most common and noticeable symptoms of heart problems like mitral valve. Also some people with this heart problem have reported not feeling it at all. Signs and symptoms may vary from person to person. But a monthly heart exam can detect such problems, even if you’re completely symptom-free.