5 Questions You Must Ask Your Tattoo Removal Specialist

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Tattoo Removal Specialist: Are you planning to remove your tattoo? Here are the top 5 questions you need to ask a tattoo removal specialist. Read on to know how tattoo laser removal Melbourne works.

1. How does a laser device remove tattoos?

Tattoo laser removal Melbourne is the most popular method for efficient and convenient tattoo removal. The TGA and FDA approved Revlight laser device focuses a high-intensity laser beam on a targeted area of tattooed skin. The beam penetrates the middle layer of the skin, or dermis, where the tattoo ink is stored. The heat from the laser beam breaks down the deposited ink. The broken ink particles dissolve in the body and are excreted through the natural biological process.

With successive RayLight laser treatment sessions, you can completely get rid of your tattoo and achieve tattoo-free skin. This laser treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive. It is safe and very effective and does not cause major side effects.

2. How many sessions are required for tattoo removal?

It is difficult for anyone to estimate how many sessions will be required to completely remove a tattoo just by looking at it. Various factors contribute to the time required for extensive tattoo removal, including the quality of the tattoo and the ink used, the age of the tattoo, the penetration level or depth of ink placement, the location of the tattoo on the body, and the laser used for removal. Contains the device type. Tattoo removal.

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Center uses the most advanced Revlight laser equipment for tattoo laser removal in Melbourne. Therefore, you can expect to remove your tattoo in about half as many sessions compared to other traditional laser devices.

3. Are some tattoo colors difficult to remove?

Some colors like green and blue are harder to target and others take longer to remove. However, with the help of advanced laser equipment, it can be effectively removed with continuous treatment sessions.

Most tattoo artists mix different colors to create black, and green and blue are most commonly used to create black. Even if you have a black ink tattoo, it may be made with blue or green pigments as a base. For this reason, some black tattoos may require more sessions than usual to completely remove them from the body. With the help of advanced laser equipment at Nitai Clinic, you can effectively get rid of stubborn tattoos with repeated treatment sessions.

4. Does the laser tattoo removal process hurt?

Our cosmetic doctors implement various measures to ensure that the procedure is more comfortable for the patient. In fact, most of our patients say that laser tattoo removal is much easier than getting a body tattoo. So, the process is faster and more comfortable than you think. And provides you with effective tattoo removal results.

To make the treatment more comfortable, the dermatologist will first apply a numbing cream and cold air chiller to numb the targeted area. Additionally, treatment sessions are quick and non-invasive. Hence, you will not experience any major discomfort or pain while undergoing laser tattoo removal at Nitai Clinic.

5. Is laser treatment the only option for tattoo removal?

Laser treatment is the only effective method for tattoo removal. Since tattoo ink is deeply embedded in the layers of the skin, the only way to remove it effectively and non-invasively is with the help of laser technology. Many other tattoo removal methods such as injections or creams are nothing but harsh acids or bleaching agents, which are completely ineffective in removing tattoos but will have adverse effects on the body.

Tattoo laser removal Melbourne is a fast and safe method of tattoo removal. No downtime is required for treatment. You can go back to your regular routine almost immediately after the laser treatment session is complete. And, you get positive tattoo removal results.