All about HDB Registered Renovation Contractors

All about HDB Registered Renovation Contractors: When you are a homeowner, you can consider upgrading your property as per your personal preferences and comfort. Your HDB apartment needs special attention. When you are ready to remodel it, you should hire an HDB-licensed renovation consultant with a successful track record for your renovation project. When you hire an HDB-registered subcontractor, you can be sure that the work will be completed accurately and efficiently. Before you hire a contractor or interior design company, keep in mind that lower cost does not always equal better. If you are looking for an HDB Registered Renovation Contractor, this article is for you!

Why Choose HDB Registered Renovation Contractor?

HDB Registered Renovation Contractor Learning the HDB Renovation License and requirements, as well as applying for them, are important components of the renovation process for each HDB unit. Before starting any renovation work, HDB renovation license and requirements must be obtained and complied with. HDB has given you written permission to make a special renewal. Hacking floors and walls, moving doors (which requires hacking a wall), replacing stair railings, replacing windows, bathroom and AC work, moving sinks (plumbing work), and fuel projects HDB remodeling are some of the activities that are permitted. . Required You can request a permit by filling out the Reconstruction Permit Application and uploading it to MyHDBPage under construction.

The HDB regulates the types of renovations that can be carried out in HDB housing units, and violations of these laws can be punished by the government. While some renovations require an HDB renovation permit, others cannot be undertaken at all. This can be for a number of reasons, including building internal structures or fire hazards, or simply because they violate rental agreements and other legal requirements. Many have been banned for public safety reasons or because they will move outside.


Contractors who aren’t HDB-licensed don’t always do shoddy or shoddy work. Instead, HDB-licensed contractors follow instructions that teach them how to avoid destroying the building’s structure or seriously affecting neighboring flats. Contractors are licensed to work on HDB flats through HDB’s Registered Renovation Contractor Scheme (RRCS). The program was developed to regulate the behavior of construction companies in HDB apartments so that they do not harass tenants or damage HDB property. This can be really helpful for you when you go for renovation work.