Bring some fun to something simple

Bring some fun to something simple: Keys are something that we use as part of our daily routine and we hardly notice that they are there. After all, they’re just keys, right? They do one thing and don’t have much to think about.

But what if keys could be a lot more fun than that? What if you could add a custom flair to your keyring? This is what can be done with a custom keyring. Whether it’s displaying a company logo or adding a little fun to your keyring, you can get whatever you want.

Various material and finish options

One of the great things about custom keyrings is that they can be almost anything you want them to be. That means choosing from a wide range of finishes and materials. Whether you like satin gold, bright gold, silver, antique copper or antique nickel, there are options for you.

In addition, there are options such as imitation hard enamel, clear resin, dual plating and additional colors that can be added in any order. If you’re presenting this as a gift, there’s a suede presentation pouch or presentation box to give the whole thing a more royal feel.

A better process

Part of making these custom choices is related to better processing. That means choose any logo, artwork or desired font with personalized size and quantity. You can also choose the size of the keyrings, from 32mm to 42mm, although other custom sizes are available.

Even better, it’s not an in-person process where an application is filled out and a keyring appears. A representative will be in touch at times to discuss the finer points of the project. This means that possible additions, additional costs for artwork, and anything else may need to be discussed.

When all the details are drawn, it’s time to make the keyring. Depending on the complexity of the design and the number of rings being made, this may take a few weeks but will be available for pickup as soon as it is ready.

You can advertise your business or give a loved one a unique gift that will have a personal touch to everyone. Who said a key has to be a simple thing?