Do I have a car accident case if my car was not damaged?

Do I have a car accident case if my car was not damaged?: To give you a direct answer. Yes, you have a case, even if there is no visible damage to your car. To achieve this, you can take the professional help of a mechanic and a doctor as they will determine the damage done to you and the car.

If you are injured, you should immediately call the police, your insurance company, and seek medical attention. Also, contact a Boise Idaho auto accident attorney as they may be able to file your insurance claim for your damages.

Is your car damaged?

It just looks like a normal dent or scratch, and you might think it’s fine if you ignore it and leave the driver without asking for personal details and insurance numbers. However, the reality is that you may not see some damage that is not clearly visible.

Your car may have suffered damage that you can’t see with the naked eye, such as damage to your radiator pipes during a collision or a ruptured oil tank. Sometimes, even a slight bump in your car’s circuitry board can cause a short circuit.

In such circumstances, it is always better that you consult a mechanic as they will thoroughly inspect your car and report the damage to your vehicle. These damages can be reimbursed by the insurance company when you file an insurance claim after consulting your car accident attorney. It is best to take photographs of the incident and post-accident damage as supporting documents for your insurance claim.

Are you injured

You don’t need auto car accident cuts or deep and bloody wounds to prepare your case. Your injury may take time to show its pain and impact. It may not hurt you at first, but it may show its effects later. For example, you could be hit in the stomach with your steering wheel, and after a while, it could become an internal injury that was not visible. The same goes for other parts of the body such as the back, brain, legs and more. Additionally, the emotional trauma caused by the incident is also considered.

So, it is always better to get yourself thoroughly checked after an accident so that later you don’t have to go through the pain of paying your medical bills due to the negligence of other drivers.

Your auto car accident lawyer will make sure that they prepare a solid case for you so that most of your expenses are covered by the insurance company.