Household products that make WFH easy!

Household products that make WFH easy!: As we move into a more digitally focused future (where most of us are working from home), we need a new set of products that are able to keep up with us. What kinds of things might come in handy if you spend all day at your home desk? Let’s take a look…

Work from home? Try this…

So if you’re WFH this year, or if you’re spending more time at home with less work, try these products to make your life joyful again.


Some of the most basic work at home products should include a good laptop or desktop computer, a good wireless mouse, Wi-Fi that can keep up with your workload, and some home amenities (like a spacious padded gaming chair).


Let’s say you’ve got all these basics down and you want to make your setup a little more exciting. If you want to spend more time enjoying your home office, try some of the following…

Sugru Moldable Rubber

This particular rubber is technically a glue. This is as much a top drawer product as your stapler and sellotape. Why? Sugru has been able to establish itself as a tough, durable, waterproof silicone. Placing it on the edges of things like tablet or laptop screens can be enough to protect your device from future damage. It’s also great for fixing screens, as it can put a broken screen back together. Sugru is one of those products you can’t live without.

Thermal mug

That’s right! A thermal mug isn’t just for keeping your coffee warm while you travel…it’s for keeping your coffee warm when you’re working so hard you forget about it. The latest thermal cups will keep drinks hot for hours, meaning you’ll have hotter coffee for longer… with fewer trips to the kettle.

You can find a really cool range of thermal mugs on Etsy. You can even find someone who will personalize it for you!

Leg rest

It may seem basic, but if you don’t have an office chair with an included footstool, a footrest is ideal for working from the comfort of your home. The modern footrest is made from memory foam, comes with superior comfort, and can be adjusted to your desired size. It may not be an essential product, but it will make working from home more comfortable.

Studies have shown that elevating your feet off the ground is better for your posture and can reduce back pain. If you suffer from pain while sitting in an office chair, this is for you.


Sitting at a desk all day can be more satisfying when that desk is in the corner of the living room. Unfortunately, it may be a little less productive for your employer. In the next few months we should expect new technologies that aim to reduce the amount of time we spend at our desks. Until then, relax… there’s no reason we can’t WFH in style.