How to easily get paint protection for your car

How to easily get paint protection for your car: People are painting their new cars because of the potentially high resale value, and a good-looking paint makes the car safer. And these car owners save labor or professional fees, enjoy it, and most importantly, because this work is very easy to do personally, even clumsy like most of us. Even for a person.

Paint protection car solutions are applied in two coats: to remove dirt, grime, etc. from the painted surface and to seal microscopic cracks in the paint, mainly caused by solar heat and UV rays. A protective film is applied as a second layer over the paint.

Most kits in auto shops and supermarkets come with instructions for use, and the manufacturer’s instructions are printed on the can or bottle. So if a person can read the instructions they are unlikely to mess up.

In addition, car owners serious about applying paint protection products can search the Internet for advice and answers to any questions they may have. The first source would be manufacturers’ websites, and the second would be forums and blogs on the topic. Perhaps there are video instructions and at least instructions for download that will help a novice car owner.

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Protecting your car with paint more easily:

  • A car wash may not be necessary when using certain paint protection solutions, although that may or may not be better. Cleaning the paint with just a damp cloth is very easy and saves time. Most first applications will remove dirt, dust and fumes from the paintwork, even those contained in layers of wax.
  • Paint protection is not required for all parts of the vehicle, but only for painted parts. The solution will have some effect on windows and windshields, for example, depending on the chrome and brand. Be careful around the edges of the window and cover it with plastic tape to prevent it from coming into contact with the solution.
  • Different solutions give different effects. A brand may be a misnomer for a specific part such as a windshield or window. Solutions used for painted surfaces do not work on them, so read the instructions, accompanying literature or instructions carefully. However, tinted sealants are better for windshields and window panes, as they usually offer UV protection as well.
  • However, in many cases paint protectors can be used as fabric or vinyl upholstery. Many types perform dual functions.


Whatever you do, read and understand the instructions carefully before doing anything. It will be simpler, easier and more fun.