How to stay consistent while working from home

How to stay consistent while working from home: Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages for employers as well as employees. Especially, amid the worldwide outbreak of Corona, many companies are adopting temporary work from home considering the risks associated with the pandemic. Apart from other issues, data security compliance is a serious concern along with other challenges. Below, you can find a guide that can help both companies and their employees stay relevant while working from home.

Data Protection Compliance

Although remote working is nothing new in this field, the risks posed by data security are increasing day by day. When working on personal devices or in different locations, employees may or may not follow safe practices, including using random thumb drives, using public-WiFi, working in crowded and open spaces, carrying laptops, etc. Companies must ensure that their employees are protected. Accessing a secure network connection while working or using a VPN and educating them with secure working comments. Additionally, it is always advisable to protect access to company information and operational platforms through firewalls, encryption and passwords.


Manage hours and pay on time

Working from a location other than your office means working in person at your location. Although there will be rules and telecommuting will be possible but it will not be straightforward as it works in an office environment. Employers can regulate constructive measures to record the working hours of their employees through electronic systems and monitor their work properly. Along with working on time, companies should also avoid paying on time to maintain the productivity and motivation of their employees.

Focus on employee access and accountability

By working from their own location, employees can have the freedom to work as per their choice and with perceived breaks. However, it is very important to maintain time, work according to certain instructions and complete the work properly on time. These instructions must be strictly followed by both supervisors and employees. Both need to be more credible in terms of their reach and accountability.

Protect company assets

Many companies provide their own equipment such as mechanical devices for their employees to work from home. In such cases, it becomes important to prepare guidelines on possible charges or consequences in case of loss or theft of company equipment.

In conclusion, companies should keep their employees updated as their policies or work rules change. Also, they can arrange interactive workshops and video meetings to stay in touch with them.