Most important hotel amenities for business travelers

Most important hotel amenities for business travelers: Business travelers have one thing in common – they sleep away from home. Whether it’s twice a week, twice a month or twice a year, hotel accommodations are an important aspect of business travel. It’s essential that your home away from home has certain amenities, from bathroom toiletries to room service, that keep you comfortable and safe, yet create an environment where you can relax or work as you please.

For a business traveler, a hotel room is much more than a place to stay. They look for friendly customer service, safety, comfort, luxury hotel toilet facilities and other such amenities. When you meet and exceed your guests’ expectations, you set your hotel up for success.

Business travelers in particular, who are on the road, are likely to choose a hotel based on their experience and amenities more than price. Simply because when living out of a suitcase, they value the comforts of home.
To ensure that your business travelers have a great experience, most hotels offer important amenities.

Airport pickup and drop off

Traffic can be a problem in any city and the last thing a business traveler wants is to drive around the city in jam-packed traffic. Also, since it’s a new city, it’s easy to take a wrong turn and get lost. A good hotel offers airport pickup and drop off facility which makes life hassle free.

Fast, free Wi-Fi access

After a long day at work, the last thing you need is a bad internet connection. Especially when you need to FaceTime your family back home. Nowadays, one of the most desired amenities for all travelers, especially business travelers, is a good Wi-Fi connection. Even if it’s just a vacation, a corporate traveler can’t go a day without internet as a staple guest room supply. Forget luxury bathroom toiletries, a hotel that doesn’t have high-speed, wireless internet connectivity to offer its guests won’t stand out as an attractive proposition.

24-hour front desk service

Everyone checks in at different times, so it’s not appropriate to limit front desk service to a specific time of day. To ensure that guests are well looked after at all times, the front desk should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether business travelers need a razor before a meeting, an extra blanket at night, or bathroom toiletries like toothpaste early in the morning, they should have access to that service when they need it.

Electrical wall sockets and gadget charging stations

A corporate traveler’s main arsenal is their gadgets. From tablets to laptops, from notepads to smartphones, they all are needed. Often, when they are in a hurry, they often forget a thing or two. Charging stations and wall sockets are a boon for all types of travelers, especially professionals. They can sleep like a baby, knowing their equipment will be ready to go the next morning. Yes, 5 star hotel toiletries are a must but so are charging points.

A business center and conference room

A hotel with a full business center fully stocked with fax machines, printers, scanners and computers is a must. Also, the center needs to run round-the-clock to facilitate business travelers.

Conference rooms enable a business traveler to be equally productive while traveling. A fully equipped and accessible conference room is a must for people working with different time zones.

Hangers, iron and ironing board

Wrinkled clothes straight out of a suitcase are unacceptable professional attire. Your room for business travelers should ensure that they can pull themselves together immediately. Stocking closets with hangers, irons and ironing boards is recommended. If not, you can get it by requesting it at the front desk. Additionally, guests also get toiletries from 5-star hotels, so make sure they are well stocked.

Entertainment and recreational facilities

With limited time on his hands, the business traveler needs to get his daily dose of physical activity through the gym or swimming. Swimming or running on the treadmill before a meeting is an easy way to de-stress. Spas are another great way to relax and de-stress. There’s nothing like returning home after a tiring day and heading to a relaxing spa with a rejuvenating spa and salon collection.

in conclusion

Business travelers like hotels that are equipped with luxury Hotel in Ahmedabad amenities. This helps them stay focused and feel productive throughout the day. They choose hotels that have facilities to make their lives easier as if they are working from their homes or offices.

If you are a hotel looking to attract business travelers, you should focus on making sure the amenities and facilities are readily available and at a reasonable price.