Simple CNC projects you can start today

Simple CNC projects you can start today: However, one obstacle still remains – the high cost of mass-produced products. However you decide to slice it, the fact remains that mass production is expensive.

But is there a low-cost and viable option for mass production?

The answer is yes, especially with the advent of cost-effective CNC machines. With a good CNC machine, especially one that comes with simple software, you can easily carry out the following CNC projects:

1. Customize engraved icons

Making custom signs using a CNC machine is one of the best and easiest CNC projects you can start.

A name sign is the type of investment that will never go out of style and use, and CNC machines make it possible to create unique signs.

The best part is that engraved signs aren’t just for businesses and homes. You can also find these signs in schools, parks and other public places.

2. Make a paintbrush holder

This is a unique accessory that is used to prevent paintbrushes from drying out in a short period of use. You can make these items using a CNC machine.

Taking quality photos of good paintbrush holders and uploading them online can lead to good sales. Depending on the material and size, you can sell one for $30 or $45.

3. Produce key holders

These are the unsung heroes of the organization. They are simple CNC products that you can make. Plus, almost everyone has one.

Although there are large holders in the market, most of them are buried. So consider getting creative. You can achieve this by including tools like bottle openers in all your key holders.

4. Produce epoxy tables

This is definitely one of the most profitable and beautiful projects you can start. Combining epoxy and wood materials will be amazing.

Basically, epoxy tables are one of those products that show personality, and you can use them to decorate a shop or a home.

You can bond dedicated epoxy materials to a variety of wood types, including lumber or discarded scraps.

This means that using CNC machines to make an epoxy table is a flexible project as you will be able to design the styles and shapes you want.

5. Design cutting boards and trays

Cutting boards and trinket trays can be best-selling items and are easy to design. You can join wooden planks and make many beautiful trays out of them. However, consider using high-quality hardwood to make the cutting board.

Also, be creative and try to create different designs and shapes by mixing different colors of wood. It helps to make the final products attractive and unique.

In short!

It’s not too late to start your business. You can produce a wide variety of DIY items using the right CNC machine. Also, there are many sites, such as eBay or Etsy, where you can sell those items for a profit.