Simple Steps to Verify Business Online to Increase Business Credibility

Simple Steps to Verify Business Online to Increase Business Credibility: If a company uploads accurate information about its business operations and profits on the Internet, potential customers perceive it as more trustworthy than other competitors. Thus, it is important to verify the business online and make it safer and more reliable. Some well-known audit firms operate globally and provide attestation services to their corporate clients located in different countries.

Key pieces of information in business verification

Company Basic Details –

Company contact information, such as official phone number, email id and postal address, should be uploaded on the company website. The name of the business, its registration number, date and place of registration, registered headquarters, entity code, industrial sector, credit grade, assigned credit code and type of enterprise should be mentioned online. In addition, company background information should also update the company’s operating period and current operating status. The details of each branch of the company should be mentioned along with the name of the person in charge of each operating branch.

Commercial investment details –

Information about all major shareholders of the company including their names, contribution amount, designation, proportion of shares and date of investment must be shared online. If there is foreign investment in the company, the names of the investors and their percentage of investment should be mentioned to verify the details of the business. The legal representative of the company in this foreign investment and its legal registration details should be uploaded to maintain complete transparency regarding business verification.

All the details of the company’s development –

the exact history of the company’s launch and its initial financials should be mentioned on the website. The details of the core team members of the company need to be uploaded on the company website to make the business more credible to the potential customers. All past and future business events should also be mentioned so that people can know everything about the business development of that company. This section is most important to verify the business of all types of service industries. However, manufacturing industries can also verify the business by uploading the details of each of their products that are already available in the market or are going to be launched soon.

Information on any dark records –

if there is a black spot in previous business records; This should be mentioned on the company website to maintain transparency. If there has been a lawsuit in the past or the company has been targeted by enforcement for wrongful business practices, that record should be maintained on this website. Apart from this, the dates of court proceedings and judgments also have to be uploaded online. All incidents related to violation of laws by the company, notices issued for tax arrears, freezing of shares and any abnormality in past business performance should be mentioned in brief.

In case of an IT company, all the details of software copyright, new product and website filling need to be mentioned to verify the business online. Similarly, all import and export information should be updated on the manufacturing company’s website. Annual reports of these companies are also to be uploaded online every year.