Take care of the VIP

Take care of the VIP: VIPs are like any normal person, but not when they are in public or at any other gathering. Politicians, celebrities and other famous people need to be protected from crowds wherever they go. This is to ensure that nothing unfortunate happens as most of the time there will be some kind of disturbance for them. To help them, many service providers come up with solutions by providing their best security guards. They may not have the right qualifications, but still, there are companies today that offer these services.
Furthermore, people need to understand that personal security of VIPs also requires certain skills, abilities and other external factors. It is best offered by Pacific West Academy, a subsidiary of Advanced Securities Concepts, Inc. It was launched in the year 2012 and since then there is no bar for the successful completion of the certifications. It was started with the primary objective of teaching the fundamentals of security operations and proximity security to every interested person. This will give an overview of the area and help people make better decisions.

How is it done?

A large number of people are entering the area today to protect the VIPs. Using their experience, Pacific West Academy has come up with a 104-hour course program that will familiarize students with the basic concepts, pitfalls, challenges and other factors related to personal safety. Executive security training is imparted to the students which aims to make individuals suitable for any position in the security sector. Programs include;

12-Day Comprehensive Security Training: This is specially designed for new entrants who have no idea about the field. They are provided with the most realistic and practical basics that are fundamentally sound. It is designed in a step-by-step process so that people can understand it easily and build confidence to approach each topic with the help of practical exercises.
33-Day Certified Executive Security Specialist: This program is conducted for a full 33 days, aimed at helping those who want to enter this industry. The program will provide students with a wide range of opportunities and career options so that they can choose the best option for themselves.
What do they offer?

Academy makes useful changes according to the situation. Earlier only providing training, now they feel the responsibility to hand over opportunities to students. Many people choose this academy because of what it offers;

  • State-of-the-art facilities not found anywhere else.
  • Qualified and experienced trainers.
  • Recognized by many reputed companies.
  • Affordable for all.

Many students have given positive reviews about the programs offered. It is a testament to the services rendered that bring people into lifelong careers.