The new Magic Eraser Mop is here!

The new Magic Eraser Mop is here!: Stains are ever-present, and it’s becoming more and more obvious that we don’t want to be on our hands every time tea is spilled, the juice is spilled, or oil is spilled. So, what’s another solution that can work on any surface, but with the convenience of using a mop?

Magic Eraser Mop!

This mop is named ‘Magic Eraser Mop’ because of its function. Like a literal eraser, it gets rid of all stains, no matter how stubborn. And best of all, it attaches to the mop just like any normal mop, making it a win-win situation for us!

About the Magic Eraser Mop

The mop is capable of cleaning stains from a variety of surfaces including vinyl, marble, tile and stone. It cannot be used on wood as the surface may be damaged. The handle has a soft grip that makes it easy to hold and pivot. You can reach hard-to-reach corners and stubborn areas of stains this way.

While using the mop, it comes with a compression flap that helps you squeeze out the water easily. Compared to older models of mops, such as squeeze mops, this mop head helps to get the most water.

The price of this mop is between 20 to 40 dollars. This is a general line of prices for household mops.

Buy this mop to get rid of stubborn stains and get your floors and walls spotless in no time!