What are the benefits of having a metal gate digital lock for your home?

What are the benefits of having a metal gate digital lock for your home?: No one wants their home to be burgled, but ordinary locks are not that secure these days. But with the advancement of technology, Kadas has finally introduced a metal gate digital lock that will provide you with the security you always wanted. You won’t need a key to open a metallic gate digital lock because it opens with a set of numbers that the owner can set at any time.

This is the primary reason why Kadas has invested its resources in developing locks that are a convenient solution for all your security needs. The sleek and slim models of their locks feature multiple user-friendly unlocking mechanisms, including new technologies such as FPC fingerprint sensor, touch screen keypad, RFID access and remote control for setting locks. No home owner will need to carry the key anywhere. However, if you forget the lock digits and are unable to unlock it, you will be given a spare key that you can use to get inside.

What are the features of metal gate digital lock?

After all the things we have discussed, some features make metal gate digital locks better than other common locks, such as

  • With the automatic locking feature, you don’t have to worry about checking it every time or keeping your door open in any condition.
  • In case of a long trip, you will have the opportunity to put the lock on away mode for more privacy which will automatically restrict all access to the lock, and if an intruder tries to enter the house, it will sound an alarm. Turn on and send you an alert.
  • These metal gate digital locks are durable and long lasting; So buying these locks will be worth every penny you spend on them.
  • These locks are designed for all weather conditions as their mechanism never rusts or gets stuck.

Blow up the facts

Kaadas has made it easy for customers/landlords to install these locks at any HDB meta gate and they provide free delivery of their products and charge no fees for installing their digital locks across Singapore. Additionally, they offer a 2-year warranty straight from the date of purchase that covers all manufacturing defects. You need to register your warranty with them to get these benefits. You can also try it before you buy it and know how it works.