What are the benefits of LED lighting?

What are the benefits of LED lighting?: There are many advantages of this type of LED light, and let’s take a look at which ones are the most important:


Free from toxic substances, the ignition of ordinary lamps contains toxic gases and mercury extracts, while LED lighting has no transco.

Long service life and low maintenance costs

This list of accessories are all cute and useful little things that we should always have with us when we go camping:

1. Wedges / wedges for wheels

The first accessory I want to tell you about is the wedge for leveling your camper.

If you don’t want to waste half a day or two wandering around looking for the perfect flat pitch, this is for you.


Leveling your camper is essential to keep your fridge working optimally and not completely emptying your fuel tank.

That’s why this accessory should never be missed on your trusty campers.

2. Thermal cover for cabin

This thermal blanket will help keep your cabin and sails cool on hot summer days.

Due to its insulation, it reflects the sun’s rays and does not allow heat to enter.

There are two versions: the classic one for the car to put inside the glass and the other for the outside glass, this is the one I recommend you buy. This can be useful in both summer and winter to keep the camper glass from freezing.

3. Mosquito net for entry

Many of your motorhomes already have one, but if not, don’t forget to bring or install a mosquito net on the front door.

There are many versions, even a mosquito net for the door of the house with a magnet in the center will be good. The important thing is to keep it so that the whole night is not spent hunting these little critters.

4. Electrical extension / water conduit

Unless you’ve installed a nice solar panel on your camper that charges the battery on sunny days, an electric extension cable shouldn’t be missing in your garage.

Remember that the extension must be covered with an anti-retardant layer and since the column is not always close to campsites or rest areas, I would say a minimum length of 30m may be sufficient.

The water pipe should also always be placed inside the locker, firstly you will be able to fill your tank from further away showers without having to go back and forth with the water canister and secondly you will have the only pipe. to use