What is a pipe repair clamp? What are its types?

What is a pipe repair clamp? What are its types?: A pipe repair clamp is a tool used to repair and seal a pipeline to prevent further leakage. These are generally employed in industrial settings to deal with permanent or temporary damage. This has the ability to quickly troubleshoot and reduce downtime. Various types of clamps in different sizes and shapes are available to the customer.

The type of tool used depends on the degree of damage to the pipe. These can be combined with a variety of coupling pipe fittings to ensure optimal process integrity. Let’s take a look at some of the repair clamps available in the industry.

  • Patch clamp
  • Pin-hole leak repair clamp
  • Stand-off repair clamp
  • Patch clamp

This tool is for solving small pin-hole leakage. It consists of a locator pin and a pointed cone. The locator pin ensures that the pointed cone moves toward the seal leaking hole. The force screw is responsible for applying pressure to the cone seal. The pin will be removed after the seal is compressed.

Pin-hole leak repair clamp

Simple closed sleeves are used to strengthen the defective section of the pipe. These sleeves are in two parts and are close to the outside diameter of the pipe. The sleeve is welded longitudinally. To correct the problem the sleeve must be fully welded to the pipe for pressurized applications.

Pipe Repair Clamp Stand-off repair clamp

This tool is commonly used to repair pipes. These are cylindrical in shape and in the form of two half circles. A defective pipe can be fixed with a flexible one-piece assembly that is good at handling low pressure. This is sometimes referred to as a fault zone enclosure within a sealed pressure containment vessel. The two half shells have elastomeric seals at their longitudinal joints. The compression force created by the two parts activates the seal and acts as a lip-type seal.


In the same way that anything that works and meets our needs is prone to wear and tear, pipes used in industrial settings are prone to rupture. The concerned department should note such damage on the pipes and contact the service provider to fix the damaged parts with good quality pipe repair clamps.

Since there are many repairing agents, one should make sure to research and avail the best utility agent for a risk-free and safe environment.