What is Fingerprint Biometrics?

What is Fingerprint Biometrics?: Biometrics is a technology that allows a person to be identified through the analysis of characteristics that may be physical – such as fingerprints or retinas, or behavioral, such as the way they walk or gestures. Thus, fingerprint biometrics refers to the process of identifying a person through their fingerprint.

For measurement to be useful, biometric data must be unique, consistent, and collectible. In this way, the information can be compared to a database or compared to a record to verify the identity of a person.

Importance of Fingerprint Biometrics

Fingerprint biometrics offers many advantages, but the most important is ensuring security access control in Singapore and accuracy. The fingerprint scanner allows you to capture around 30 unique fingerprint points in one scan. No two people share more than 8 attribute points, making this method a very reliable form of biometric verification, as well as being simple and fast.

Use of fingerprint-based biometric verification

It is a system that combines verification through a fingerprint reader and an identity card, allowing verification that a person is really who he/she claims to be. You can rent or buy device readers through e-certchile.

Biometric systems can bring benefits in various fields such as banking, insurance, retail, AFP, health, or education.

Financial Services and Banking:

Ideal for verifying a person’s identity when requesting a loan or making a transaction through an entity.

Health –

Helps prevent patient fraud or misrepresentation. Additionally, it serves to protect patient privacy, making their health information available only to authorized doctors.


You can use a biometric system for customer payments, which increases the security of your customers.


Fingerprints can be applied to anything that requires authentication. For example, it allows teachers to access student grades and each student’s personal information.