What is the ideal vegan milk for tea?

What is the ideal vegan milk for tea?: Going vegan is an exciting moment, although it can usually be a bit of a puzzle if you don’t know the best vegan milk for tea.

This season is all about plant milk as more and more people choose to move on from dairy. With so many options, how do you choose?

Don’t stress. We’ve rounded up the best dairy alternatives to tea, which means you can take it easy, relax and enjoy your Dairy Free Milk Tea Singapore.

Soy milk

This readily available alternative is a solid contender for supreme plant milk, and many non-vegetarians often can’t tell the difference in taste or appearance. However, the acid in tea (and coffee) can explode if you’re not careful, so heat the milk a bit.


Almond milk

Almond milk in tea? Indeed, it is a thing. It is an additional worthy contender for tea lovers, providing fewer calories than soy. However, it does not give a uniform color to the tea and often splits. If you like a potent builder blend, almond milk is the best place to drink tea.

Oat milk

Never had oat milk in tea before? You are missing out. It has a mild taste. Plus, if you choose one made for hot drinks, you’ll have a lovely glass of tea without worrying about a serotonin crash. Oat milk is undoubtedly thinner, so give it a fair chance when you’re considering replacing your favorite milk.